How Does A PCB Assembly Company Help In Productivity?

2021-11-18 13:50:57

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We have just heard about PCB assembly-this is by making a strong case that such a large global company should be in the PCB market, producing PCBs in a big way. However, that is not what we have seen. A little closer examination reveals an entirely different story. A leading US based company producing commercial PCBs, has set up a PCB assembly plant in Thailand. The factory has employed over a thousand workers and it operates with the help of a highly efficient and advanced automated control system. So this is what is meant by 'best manufacturing process'.

In the final analysis, this whole exercise has produced results worthy of note. It is true that a company employing thousands of workers can hardly be expected to produce thousands of quality PCBs every year. Yet the results achieved are undoubtedly encouraging. As pointed out earlier, the quality of the finished PCBs produced is far better than that of the conventional 'off the shelf' variety. In fact, such a feat as producing thousands of PCBs per year is virtually unachievable by any other method.

Now the question is, what can be done so that the pcb fabrication specification' can be made more objective and cost effective? There are many initiatives that are being taken along these lines. Many of them are enlisted under the banner of making the process of PCB manufacturing 'more robotic'.

Let us take a closer look at one such initiative. It is estimated that in the next five years, there will be a considerable growth in the manufacturing of PCBs using automated process equipment. This will usher in a completely new dimension in the quality of the product produced. Needless to say, it is one that will add tremendous value to the overall cost of production. Here is what is being planned under this initiative:

* Speed up the whole process of assembling the PCBs. How? By using a very innovative manufacturing process called 'line baking'. This would reduce the total number of steps in the entire assembly process to a mere 15. This would involve running all the required tools simultaneously. Such a capacity increase in the number of steps could certainly help in speeding up the entire process and thereby improve the quality of the output.

* Increase the productivity of the workers working in the PCB assembly line. The entire process would then be run on the basis of computer generated data. Such a system can do away with manual recording of information in the case of hand written records. There will be no room for errors as such and you can expect higher productivity from your team.

* Increase your production capabilities significantly. This is possible because the latest web design packages are made practically for long term usage. They do not get worn out with the passage of time and thus can be expected to perform adequately for longer durations. You would thus be able to produce a product range that lasts for a very long time.

The best thing about the current business scenario is that there is an array of assembly lines available for you. However, the choice of which company to assemble your products would largely depend on your own assembly line experience. You should visit the company before you finalize your choice so that you are fully aware of the operational procedures that will be taken place in their facilities. It is important to note that such a company would have in-depth knowledge about the functioning of all the equipment used in the assembly process and thus you can be assured of top class quality output in terms of design and material.

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