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After having selected the wedding gown of your dreams you still have a few more key things which are required to complete your elegant bridal look. So after selecting the right veil for your perfect wedding gown you should now bring the focus to other accessories like a belt, jewellery, hair ornaments etc. While some of the wedding dresses need more accessorizing bridal look than others as they are simple and the more high-priced ones would need minimal accessories to keep their look as it is. So be it any wedding dress you choose you can add the finishing touches from below.

Belt or Sash

A wedding dress that has a seam at the natural waist pairs best with a belt. However a wedding gown with lace extending from the bodice beyond the waist might not need a belt. Also the embellishment which is done on the belt should depend on the amount of embellishment on the dress. How much the belt costs is resolved by the quality and quantity of the pearls, stones, crystals, on the belt. A broad belt can overwhelm a slim bride, it is important to discuss your needs and requirements with your Fashion Designer wear along with the budget.


A veil is the best accessory to add a demure look to your ensemble. It adds mystery to your entire dress. Veils can go along with any type of dress. If you are wearing a heavily beaded dress, you can go for a sample border veil. If you are wearing a simple dress you can accessorize it with a heavily embroidered or beaded veil to add to your look. Veils come in different shapes and sizes and you can choose the length and shape best suited for you. Most celebrities have worn veils to their weddings.

Headband or Tiara

These are more suited for a young bride. They add a touch of royalty to your dress. Videos like the Great Gatsby really pushed the sales of headbands. Headbands and Tiaras add a vintage look to your dress.


In many cultures Garters are a very important part of the ceremony. Garters add sexiness in your dress but sometimes can be irritating to wear. So qw "

Do Not Forget To Sparkle

Accessorizing bridal look your Wedding Veils dress with just the right jewellery can be a daunting task for brides so it is major to first consider what will be most visible. After that select the colour of your jewellery to match your gown, there are option to choose from copper, rose gold to silver and platinum. In case your wedding dress has a gold embroidery then a gold-toned jewellery will work its magic. In case the belt on your gown is silver then the jewellery should also be of the same colour crystals and rhinestones. The choice of necklace depends on the neckline of your gown so if your dress has a v-shaped neckline then a big and beautiful necklace will add the charm. In case the neck of the gown is fully embellished then accessories like big earrings would look great.

The Final Touch

Your hair style also impact your wedding day look to a great extent so talk to your hair stylist who can give suggestions for ways to wear your hair so that it can accentuate your jewellery and complete your look with hair ornaments like a tiara that can be worn with or without a veil. The hair pins which are jewelled can look fantastic when your hair is pulled up.

Lastly you should always take full support and guidance of your stylist who will offer advice to add the finishing touches on your wedding day look and make you look like a thousand bucks on your D day!!


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